God’s Covenant Church is a part of, Tigest Negatu & Dawit World-wide Ministry, based in London, and ministers both in Amharic and English for people from all walks of life.

We are a community of people from a variety of backgrounds, interests, and life stories who have a desire to follow Jesus Christ. We seek to grow in our relationships with Jesus Christ by worshiping together, participating in small groups of Bible studies, intercession prayers, and through loving and serving our brothers and sisters who are in need. We seek to serve the Lord, with all our heart and rejoice by the full manifestation and work of the Holy Spirit. God’s Covenant Church is unique in seeking out those who are in distress, lost, and those who want to follow Christ, and help them find, comfort, healing, deliverance, salvation and true peace, which can only be found in Jesus Christ. Families are the key focus, particularly families with young and adolescent children so extending salvation to the next generation. Our services include; prayer, bible study groups and counselling including one-to-one counselling both in English and Amharic from pastors who have been working with the direction of the Holy Sprit for over 20 years. These are exciting days as we started by reaching out to the most vulnerable through the newly opened God’s Covenant Life Centre, to help and comfort the poor and the homeless, spiritually, morally and also by providing meals. Come and worship with us in one of our venues and be a witness to the glory of God and his miracles, as the Holy Spirit freely works, by healing the sick and freeing people from the yokes of this world.